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Andre is a Magician, Author and inspirational guide. His work exudes quality and maturity. He is experienced in various forms of magic in addition to the Franz Bardon system so is a wonderful source of knowledge within the academy.

Andre Consciencia: TeamMember


Anyone who has read any of Andres books or his posts on magical topics will I am sure know exactly why he is on the team.  The more you read from Andre the more I think you will agree that we are lucky to have him onboard. I include below a small segment of an interview he did with me, as he has described his path in a very clear and eloquent way far better than I could do myself. You can see the full interview in a book coming soon. 

Thank you for the honor! I had been introduced to spiritism (in particular Allan Kardec and some spiritualist centers from Portugal), theosophy (in particular Alice Bailey), some new age movements (in particular the Ascended Masters), to Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov and the Great White Brotherhood (not to be confused with the new age approach to ascended masters) and to a first deeper approach to hermeticism in particular through the works of Aleister Crowley and the Golden Dawn in general. I had also known the works of Papus and Eliphas Levi and had some knowledge of the basis of Martinism. I had studied The Mystical Qabalah by Dion Fortune very carefully, making many notes. I had run into all these things due to family issues regarding the so-called supernatural and mediumistic phenomena, and due to my own occurrences. I saw spooks since I could remember, colors in sounds emitted by people coming out from different parts of their bodies, had some memories I couldn’t figure out what they were, and was receiving esoteric information in dreams and later while wide awake. I couldn’t control or even begin to know what this all was, and I wanted to know, and to have control. It was a blinding need, not only in the sense of a survival urge, which it also was, but an exhilaration, a first feeling of returning home. Then a member from Fraternitas Hermetica, after hearing me speak on Crowley’s methods and, on the other side, on so-called ascended masters, sent me Initiation Into Hermetics by Franz Bardon. He said Bardon was much better, the appropriation of the ascended masters was mischievous and Crowley’s works could definitely go the wrong way. I didn’t take that very lightly, so I accepted the challenge of reading Bardon’s book to compare. 

After reading it, I immediately realized I had outstanding material in my hands, but I went to this person who had given me the book and told him “this is good, but it isn’t better”. I was still a minor, and had this defiant joviality in me. He didn’t argue his case, which I was expecting he would, and it kind of set me off my balance, like a Tai Chi move. During the night I began to argue with myself, a thing he hadn’t done, and I decided IIH was probably the best practical book I had gotten my hands on. The next day I decided to test this person, who later became my initiator. I told him “The only problem with this book is that it misses an essential point, it seems to focus more on the work of will-power than on love, yet, only love can balance and harmonize the four elements”. He told me he understood that I might choose to think so, but that in his opinion love can only be balanced by will, and that even to love we must first have the power to love. His logic was better, then I started practicing, and he caught me along the way.   

Andre also has some amazing books that are available only in small numbers, as they are beautifully crafted limited runs, If you get the opportunity, get them. One I think should be on everyone's shelf is this, it is a potent and beautifully designed book. It gives a great insight into his style and should tell you whether you want to pursue further studies with him.

If you would like to train with Andre, you can get a little taster of what he has in store for you here in this video trailer for his course. 

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