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Are you ready to work directly with a teacher? Are you ready to have a platform where you can get direct feedback? Are you ready to make meaningful progress? Progress that can be measured and tracked? Whether you want to be guided through the fundamentals or dive into evocation. We are here to support your journey.  Contact us to learn more!

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Featured Programs


First Step to Divine Providence

Nenad leads those who are ready to take the next step. This course will take you from the end of initiation into the work of the second book. Nenad will work closely with all students to ensure success in this the first of his eight courses.

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Complete Universal Evocation & Invocation Masterclass

This course will teach you techniques that will make you a brilliant magician and get you out of the “arm-chair”. Taught by the long-time magician and teacher Jake Green, this course will provide you with practical and time-tested steps into achieving practical magical evocation.


Magical and Mystical Introspection

In this course Andre takes you through the process of initiation from absolute beginner all the way to initiate. No stone is left unturned as you march towards self realization in knowledge and dominion in all planes.

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Magical Quabbalah Course

If you want to realize the macrocosmic divine nature in yourself, then this is the right course for you. You will get initiated into the application of the 27 letters of the cosmic language which is used by God, the Creator and all deities to create directly from Akasha.

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Our Team

Among the top reasons our students decide to enroll with us is our authentic experience, our teachers have walked the walk. Get to know more about each of our team members below.


Andre Consciencia


Andre is a Magician, Author and inspirational guide. His work exudes quality and maturity. He is experienced in various forms of magic in addition to the Franz Bardon system so is a wonderful source of knowledge within the academy.


Nenad Talerman


Nenad is the author of multiple books and contributor to several online groups. His posts on his practice of evoking the spirits of the Earth Girdling Zone over 1 year period have helped many practitioners in their journey. His work four part series '360 Heads of the Earth Zone' is a must read.


Jake Green


Jake is a teacher who has truly lived this path. He has spent huge amounts of time traveling and training with the worlds best. He now shares this knowledge with us here at Perseus as well as on his own Mystery College.

Pine Tree



Virgil is a writer and Christian magician who has worked extensively with Franz Bardon’s system of magic and enjoys sharing his insights through various outlets.  He runs his own blog 'Living Franz Bardon'.

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Ray Del Sole


Ray is teacher of teachers. Hugely experienced in all aspects of the path he now joins Perseus as one of our teachers with his amazing Quabbalah course. He also runs his own organization SURA.

Standing in the Rain

Coming Soon!


We continuously seek out accomplished practitioners who have the desire to share their skills with a new generation of students...Watch this space for new Teachers. Contact us if you would like to be considered.